The Craft

Turning the artisanal into an art form

The Craft

Arts and crafts with wool

Thread + Colour exhibition and workshops deliver unique way to work with wool

Five things you can knit

Knitting has never been more on trend, making it a stylish and practical activity

Get cosy with these luxurious chunky knits

Break away from the flock with The Flying Lamb

Get it chunky

Ohhio makes its mark with chunky knitwear for your body and home

Jacqueline Fink: Extreme knitter extraordinaire

Proving that bigger really is better

Kitty Choy’s cosy handmade knits

Making lovely chunky knitwear with a little help from Hugo the dog

Knitting a symphony

The rhythmic motion of knitting is used to create a uniquely innovative music performance

Knitting’s return to cool

37 Anatomically Correct Hibiscus

Meet felt-instrument maker Seja Vogel

Creating synth-inspired miniatures for music lovers everywhere

Modern-day dreamweaver Natalie Miller

The Australian artist and educator is working wonders with wool

Next up: anonymous knitwear

Introducing model, musician and textile artist Rachel Rutt’s latest body of work, and new website

Stéphanie Caulier’s supersized sweaters

When it comes to heart-warming knitwear, big is beautiful

The Art of Stitches

Knitted tribute to Lou Reed on display in New York Public Library

The Art of Wool

Artists are returning to ancient, craft-like techniques to create contemporary works using raw materials such as wool

The joy of knitting

The age-old craft practice of knitting is experiencing a renewal.

The new global knitwork

Wool & The Gang is using social media to make knitting cool

Thomas C. Chung’s knitted narrative

An exciting emerging Australian artist proves romance is indeed not dead