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Received an invite for a black tie event? The Black Tux has got you covered

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Given the relaxation of formal dress codes in recent years, black tie events aren’t all that common for special events, particularly in warmer climates where comfort forgoes tradition. However, rental company The Black Tux aims to fill the sartorial gap for those rare occasions.


Of course, suiting rentals are not a new concept. For decades, an invitation to a black tie wedding or a gala meant hiring an ill-fitting, poorly made suit. American company The Black Tux, by contrast, has completely revolutionised the experience, with suits designed with modern tastes in mind, and online rental functionality and door-to-door delivery as part of the service. And what’s more, every suit is made from the highest quality fabrics, such as Woolmark-certified Merino wool, meaning that unlike synthetics, they will breathe, naturally drape on the body, and retain their fit no matter the number of wears.


Don’t assume that black tie means a one-size-fits-all black-and-white suit. At The Black Tux, individual style is incredibly important, and while it offers the classic tuxedo as part of its offering, it believes it’s only the beginning of what formal wear can be. For its new fall/winter 2016 collection, its first fashion range since launching three years ago, that includes suits inspired by the worlds of music, Hollywood and designer fashion, including traditional Scottish tartan, soft pink, pinstripe and pin dot, meaning there’s something for just about every man. 

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